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The Biblical universe :
God on high, in Heaven,
and the Earth is flat.

"You are an intelligent human being.

Your life is valuable for its own sake.

You are not second-class
in the universe,
deriving meaning and purpose
from some other mind.

You are not inherently evil
- you are inherently human,

possessing the positive
rational potential to help make this
a world of morality, peace and joy.

Trust yourself."

[ Dan Barker,
Former minister - now with
Freedom From Religion Foundation
in "Losing Faith in Faith" ]

religion can NOT be right,

but ALL can
be wrong."

Other quotes :

Why the goat ?


I'm a former minister of religion

I left the church over 30 years ago

and am very glad that I did.

Just recently I found that,
in nearby New Zealand,
at the time I was being guided
into the ministry,

a Presbyterian minister & theologian, Professor Rev. Sir Lloyd Geering
was being tried for heresy.

During his church trial he claimed
that the remains of Jesus lay somewhere in Palestine

that the resurrection
had been wrongfully interpreted
by churches
as a resuscitation of the body of Jesus.

He also rejected the notion that
God is a supernatural being
who created and continues
to look over the world.

Could have been a good counter-balance to what I was being taught!

If only I'd known...

About me ( my_story.htm ):


"Life is but a momentary
glimpse of the wonder
of this astonishing universe,

and it is sad
to see so many dreaming it
away on spiritual fantasy."

[Carl Sagan]

New reformation Leaving
this page, and my updates and interesting snippets on Twitter.

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I'm a former minister of religion

My aim here is to provide easy access to some material & maybe a little help,
geared to the needs of people with a religious background who are questioning their indoctrination.

( That is material that might have appealed to me, over 30 years ago.)

Some of this, and much more, can be found elsewhere;
and there are many very active, useful forums for wide ranging discussions.

I encourage you to explore all the resources that the web provides.
The links page & your search engine can get you started.

My story : experience

Blog ( Shorter items + Updates ) : Blog+Updates

I tweet updates and anything interesting.


"Habitation of God and and of all the Elect... :"

Habitacvlvm ( also Habitaculum ) means dwelling place; home; residence; habitation
Dei means God

Geocentric celestial spheres; Peter Apian's Cosmographia ( Antwerp, 1539 )
Image is from Wikipedia.

Earth is at the center,
then the spheres of Luna ( moon ), Mercury, Venus, Solis ( our Sun ), etc... .

The historical understanding of where Heaven is located :

out there past Satvrni ( Saturn ).

Heavenly Dreams :

Habitation of God
Highly recommended

Clear, Concise,

Richard Dawkins, well-known for his books on evolution, took part in a debate with the Archbishop of York, Dr John Habgood, at the Edinburgh science festival Easter '92 .

What makes more sense ???

In a galaxy, far, far away...

If the old ideas are totally reliable

where was God ? ...

and why didn't He ?....

Hans Denck, a poignant reminder.

"Crucial to understanding the Bible"
The development of "Traditional" beliefs...

Where... / why... ??
because religions are made by humans...

Some "facts" are just NOT so......

As a former preacher, I know how easy it is to ignore that which doesn't support the sermon.

What is in the Bible ?
Why did Jesus "HAVE" to die ?
Precursor ideas, Competition & Syncretism
( incomplete )
Experiential "proof",
"The God within" - valid ?

New reformation Leaving

seen by their loyal followers
to have special access to, and understanding of, the Divine,
have a special responsibility to critically study
and honestly examine what they teach,
whatever their tradition."

"The competing traditions of mankind can not all be correct,
in fact none may be correct."

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Free Thinking & Islam

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this page, and my updates and interesting snippets on Twitter.

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